“to be a long live the virgin”

The expression “to be a long live the virgin” comes from a naval tradition, it was customary for the sailor upon finishing their training to shout out “Long live the Virgin!” instead of using their own name or number. Being the last person who had to do it, they were always the most distracted, idle, or inattentive, and from there with time the expression “viva la virgen – long live the virgin” is used as a synonym for this type of person.

This is a vermouth that elaborated using a wine base of Godella and Sauvignon Blanc grapes. Also, botanical plants such as wormwood, lemon verbena, cinnamon, vanilla, aniseed…. and lots and lots of joy.

It is an excellent aperitive before lunch but many times I get carried away and by the time I get home they’ve already eaten.

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