Are you long “viva la virgen” – long live the virgin?

“Viva la virgen” are people who know how to enjoy life, they like to share the good things in life with people important to them, and to live unforgettable moments together.

Also at work, they always look for the good side of things. You will always see them with a smile on their face… they make you wonder.

And most importantly…. the “viva la virgen” (long live the virgin), age isn’t important to us.

Good morning

Waking up next to a “viva la virgen” (long live the virgin) you know nothing is the same, it’s like a shot of energy first thing in the morning. Try it once and the second will soon follow.

Need help

They are always ready to give a hand, a problem shared is a problem halved. You can’t find an address; well, they show you the way.…. and if it’s in a bar they’ll have a vermouth with you.

At work

If at work you have a “viva la virgen” (long live the virgin) nearby you will have realized that there is no obstacle big enough to make them give up, they always find the solution.

Party, always

They appear to be always partying, but don’t confuse their joyful character with being extrovert. If it’s time to party, they carry it inside of them, if they are nearby, it will be a bash, they’ll burn the house down, an unforgettable day.

Enjoy your “viva la virgen” experience

Here we give you some ideas if you want to be a “viva la virgen” (long live the virgin), I’m sure you’ll recognize yourself, but you can never be too sure.


As we said before a “viva la virgen” (long live the virgin) person has no age or gender. Right, from when they are young, they show their fun character and ability to empathize, it’s usually because from an early age they have lived with people with a positive spirit, which they keep during their whole life.


For this type of people friendships are fundamental and they endeavour to keep them forever, if you are lucky to have them as a friend you will have realized that you have them in the good times and not such good times and they’ll always try to put a smile on your face.

Places they go

Don’t look for them in boring places although in these types where they never go unnoticed. Normally they will be found in places where joy is in the air and so they they’ll blend in more, with their optimism and vitality.


Our studies show that on a whole these types of people cannot be identified as having the same customs, they like to be in happy places where there is a party although they can also be identified in their work, you will be able to spot them because in any situation they are capable of giving you a shot of energy and optimism.

What they drink

In this area we are unable to show any conclusive results, they are able to hydrate themselves with all types of drinks on offer, but if you want to be sure a good vermouth and surrounded with joy is when they feel like a fish in water and show their full splendour.

Looking after them

They only need one thing to keep themselves in shape, lots, but lots of love. If you are able to show to it to a “viva la virgen” (long live the virgin), they’ll show their true selves, transparent like water and full of life like a mountain river.

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